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I have a new meteor project. I'm guessing the .meteor dir has a combination of configuration files (needed) and temporary files (not needed).

So what's in your .gitignore?

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The only directory you want excluded from version control is .meteor/local.

Meteor automatically creates the right .gitignore in the .meteor directory, though -- you shouldn't need to do anything.

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Is this still the case? because this I started a project this afternoon and there was no .gitignore to be found. –  ABot Nov 12 at 15:21
Heh. Now I get it. It's not inside projects root but is inside .meteor folder. –  Nek Nov 29 at 20:43

You might want to put any configuration settings files in there if you are pushing to a public repos.

I store any security sensitive data configuration settings like encryption keys and various passwords for services like smtp, twitter, facebook and others in a config.js and then put that in .gitignore or in the info/exclude file. Stuff I don't want in a public repo.

Just an additional suggestion to consider for your .gitignore

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Your gitignore should also contain:


And you supplement this with a properly crafted package.json that manages node module dependency installation.

This will necessitate a npm install when installed somewhere new.

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