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I'm creating this in a XML file and want a text view to be placed in a specific spot.


It's underneath the last button that was placed so it's around in the middle of the screen. I want it to be at the bottom of the screen of to the right.

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Easy if you're using a RelativeLayout as parent.


(check the capitalization, I'm not anywhere I can double check).

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Ok, but what if I want it lets say, some where in the middle in a certain spot. Is there a pixel alignment. I tried android:layout_margrin="25dp" or something like that already. Maybe I did it wrong or theres another way? –  Pie May 23 '12 at 23:49
The best you'll get is to use RelativeLayout and then adjust margins to move it around from there. You could do android:layout_centerInParent to place it the exact center then use margins to shift it from there, etc. –  Barak May 24 '12 at 10:33
Ok thanks for the help. If anyone else reads this is what I did was use android:layoutmarginRight (or something similair to that) ="25dp" (which is the size). And just played with the numbers for the right, left, top, & bottom untill it looked right. –  Pie May 25 '12 at 1:29

Using a RelativeLayout would be perfect if you would be specifying each views' positions. It is the most flexible layout among the Android Layouts.

Take a look at this tutorial. It discussed how to position views in a RelativeLayout.

I hope you can get ideas from it in solving your problem.

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