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I am getting a strange while restarting the rabbitmq service and becuase of that I am unable to restart RabbitMQ service. I got this message from EventViewer and have tried to find solution by googling but no luck..please suggest.

RabbitMQ: Erlang machine voluntarily stopped. The service is not restarted as OnFail is set to ignore.


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On a modern Linux you can restart it like any other service

sudo service rabbitmq-server restart

There is a specific control interface as well

sudo rabbitmqctl "report"
sudo rabbitmqctl "reset"
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Oh, I see you have a windows tag, didn't notice that. –  Jeff May 24 '12 at 17:33
Funny thing here is: The question has a windows tag, but this answer 10 upvotes, 10 upvotes directly to Linux :D –  Zarathustra May 2 at 8:25

If you reinstall RabbitMQ and have issues running it as a windows service, a workaround could be the following:

In cmd.exe, run from the rabbit sbin folder:

rabbitmq-service.bat remove
rabbitmq-service.bat install
net start rabbitmq

It worked for me on windows 7.

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