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Hi i've maked this function with work actually good for jpg, but not with png

here's my code :

function vignette_carre($src, $dest, $largeur, $src_x, $src_y){ 

   $ext = explode(".", $src);
    $ext = strtolower(end($ext));

       if ($ext == 'jpg' or $ext == 'jpeg') {$im_src=imagecreatefromjpeg($src);} 
    elseif ($ext == 'gif') { $im_src=imagecreatefromgif($src);} 
    elseif ($ext == 'png') {$im_src=imagecreatefrompng($src);}

    if ($im_src=="") return; 
    if($src_x >= $src_y){ 
        $dim=$src_y; $verticale="1"; 
    elseif($src_x <= $src_y){
        $dim=$src_x; $horizontale="1"; 
    if($verticale == "1"){
    if($horizontale == "1"){
    $im_dest=imagecreatetruecolor($largeur, $largeur);  
    $im_dest= imagecolorallocate($im_dest, 255, 255, 255);  
    imagecopyresampled($im_dest, $im_src, 0, 0, $point_x_ref, $point_y_ref, $largeur, $largeur, $dim, $dim); 
           if ($ext == 'jpg' or $ext == 'jpeg') {
    imagejpeg($im_dest, $dest); 
       elseif ($ext == 'gif') {
    imagegif($im_dest, $dest);
        elseif ($ext == 'png') {

                imagepng($im_dest, $dest);

And i get this kind of errors in my error console :

[2] imagecolorallocate(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource [2] imagecolortransparent(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource

Any ideas to solve this ?


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you give the newly created $im_dest as param in imagecolorallocate and return an INT into $im_dest again? this is wrong.

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How can i make this work ? – user1405431 May 24 '12 at 0:27
Any ideas to make my function work ? – user1405431 May 25 '12 at 14:24

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