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I am developing a Blackberry app using Cordova/PhoneGap. I am fetching several images (map tiles) from a server. Also, every 60 seconds I send position information to it.

However, every now and then either when I fetch the images or send information, I get an error. If I am on a simulator (BB 9930, OS, I get an AppError 104: Too many threads message and my app crashes. When I test my app on a device (BB 8520, OS not only does the app crashes, but makes the BB reset.

I have seen other posts with the same issue (like this one, this one or this one). However, I haven't found a solution when building the app using Cordova/PhoneGap (JavaScript).


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Can you show (preferably code) how you're managing the threads. –  Brady Jun 13 '12 at 5:59
The problem is that you can't manage the threads. The code with phonegap usually is in plain javascript/html. –  pacofvf Jun 15 '12 at 13:31

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This may not be related, but I did have a similar problem when doing a lot of request from a native app on a BB Bold. The connection thread was not closed properly after receiving the answer.

try the following:

  • change GET <-> POST.
  • change HTTP <-> HTTPS.

if the server is yours, evaluate changing the API to return all the images as one and use an offset/clipping when displaying them. You will save bandwidth and open less connections. your app will load faster.

eg: http://www.ibloomstudios.com/articles/misunderstood_css_clip/

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I doubt if the phoneGap API is causing this as it is basically a layer. Possibly you have an issue with the simulator?

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