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So, I use org-mode extensively for my daily TODO requirements. I am wondering if I can also use it effectively for note keeping. What I basically want is to store notes with tags, and then want to search these notes by the tags. E.g. If I have something like this

* Heading 1
** Note 1 :tag1:tag2:
Note 1 details
** Note 2 :tag3:
Note 2 details
* Heading 2
** Note 3
** Note 4 :tag1:
Note 4 details

and then I search for tag1, I should have something like-

* Heading 1
** Note 1 :tag1:tag2:
Note 1 details
* Heading 2
** Note 4 :tag1:
Note 4 details

I would prefer being able to do this without adding the files to my agenda. (I may have several of these notes, and I would only want to search the current file at a time.)

Is there an easy (or not so easy) way to accomplish this org-mode?

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The following function should provide the result you want.

(defun zin/org-tag-match-context (&optional todo-only match)
  "Identical search to `org-match-sparse-tree', but shows the content of the matches."
  (interactive "P")
  (org-prepare-agenda-buffers (list (current-buffer)))
  (org-scan-tags '(progn (org-show-entry) 
                 (cdr (org-make-tags-matcher match)) todo-only))
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Awesome! That was exactly what I was looking for! – Shitikanth May 25 '12 at 15:40
I want to do this! How do I do this? I copy and paste the code segment to my .emacs file. Start a new Emacs session. Open an *.org file. Tag headings (with C-c C-q). And then what? How do I retrieve all list items with a certain tag? – Chernoff Jun 20 '14 at 14:03
Note that org-prepare-agenda-buffers has been renamed to org-agenda-prepare-buffers. @Chernoff if you are still looking to do this, then you can c&p, replace the old function name, and call it with M-x zin/org-tag-match-context – directed laugh Apr 6 '15 at 14:21

You can use a tag search (C-c / m tag1 <ret>). Documentation here:

This will create a sparse tree showing only the headings containing :tag1:, but it will not automatically reveal the contents of that heading as in your example.

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Thanks, that helps a lot. Do you have any idea of how I might go about trying to expand the headings too? I don't mind doing some programming to get the job done. – Shitikanth May 25 '12 at 11:28

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