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I want to get the version info of a dll or exe. To do this I call the function VerQueryValue.

Here is my code:

    UINT  dwBytes;

    DWORD  dwSize = GetFileVersionInfoSizeA(pszFile, (DWORD*)&dwBytes);
    if( dwSize == 0)

        WORD wLanguage;
        WORD wCodePage;
    } *lpTranslate;

    UINT cbTranslate;

    LPVOID lpData = (LPVOID)malloc(dwSize);
    ZeroMemory(lpData, dwSize);       
    if(GetFileVersionInfoA(pszFile, 0, dwSize, lpData) )

        // Read the file description for each language and code page.
        char    strSubBlock[MAX_PATH] = {0};
        char* lpBuffer;

        for(int i=0; i < (cbTranslate/sizeof(struct LANGANDCODEPAGE)); i++ )

            // Retrieve file description for language and code page "i". 
    free( lpData );

I got a 1813 error when calling VerQueryValueA. This code is almost same with with url .

I have tested the code under vc++6 and vc++2005 and got the same error. My windows is win7.

How should I fix it? Thanks in advanced.

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According to MSDN, this error code maps to ERROR_RESOURCE_TYPE_NOT_FOUND. Thus I would conclude that the Resource you are looking for (FileDescription) does not exist in the image file.

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