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I have been struggling for many days but i cannot solve my problem.

I am trying to find way to save all crawled data (from html files) into one table in mysql database. But i don't know how to do it. I tried inserting a code into getFilecontent function in sphider/admin/spiderfuncs.php file. But it does not work. With that same piece of code, when i put in a sample.php file, open in my browser it works fine. The code is

$content = " <title>keke</title>bla bla bla  bla bla  bla bla bla";

$m = preg_match_all('/bla/', $content, $match);
$n = preg_match_all('/<title>(.*?)<\/title>/s', $content, $matches);
$titleq = $matches[0];
 $n = strlen($titleq[0]);

$titleqq = substr($titleq[0], 7, $n-15);
if ($m) {
 for ($j=0;$j<$m;$j++) {

$contentq = $matchq[$j];

Then i just insert the $contentq into mysql table Thanks for any help!

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use DOM not regular expressions, and please don't steal. –  Dagon May 24 '12 at 4:12
Thank Dagon, I will strictly abide by the law. I just need to save it for my trend data analysis over time for my business, not to do anything illegally in any way :-). –  Pam Apple May 24 '12 at 13:29

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