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I have an array like this:

$tmb = Array(
             [xThis] => 12400
             [fThat] => 7
             [cMore] => Array(
                    [236] => Array(
                        [acting_person] => "Test info"
                        [tThings] => "history"

I know how to call xThis(like $tmb['xThis'] but how do I call [acting_person] in a statement like this?

$new = $tmb['xThis'] . $tmb['fThat'] . ??????????????????

Sorry If this is elementary I am really new to PHP. Thanks.

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You access (not "call") a subarray like this:

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To access the acting_person item, you'd need to specify all of acting_person's parent keys. (You could theoretically have multiple acting_person keys in a multi-dimensional array, of course.)

$new = $tmb['xThis'] . $tmb['fThat'] . $tmb['cMore'][236]['acting_person'];
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Its simple to access the value of any dimension of array

   $tmb['1st dimension'][2nd dimensin]['3rd dimension'][..][...][..]

even more just provide the key [key]

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