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I was wondering if there is an established way for getting older versions of extensions available in Chrome Web Store. Does Google keep an archive similar to Mozilla, or are the old versions gone forever as soon as a newer version becomes available?

Thank you.

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Gone forever. Link for the extension file stays always the same while versions change. Your best shot to get the old version of some extension is to fetch it from github/bitbucket/etc (if source is available there) or simply ask extension author to send you the code for older version. Then, you can run the code using 'load unpacked extension...' feature on extensions page (be sure to check the 'developer mode' checkbox first).

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Unfortunately none of those are options sometimes. I just lost all of my extensions because of an ancient bug in Chrome that has still not been fixed, and because I am using Chromium 11 (I HATE newer versions), I cannot get Session Buddy back whatsoever because the Chrome devs refuse to support anything but the TOT (not that Google doesn’t have the frakking space to store everything forever like dishonestly claim). – Synetech Jan 27 '13 at 3:05

I made a website to fulfill this exact need:

In the hope it's gonna help.

EDIT: There's another website doing it too:

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