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I was going to add a shebang line to a php script

#!/bin/env php

but I was looking around and people don't seem to be doing this.

Is it "inappropriate" or against some rule to shebang a php file?

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why did you want to do it? how is this script run? the only place i have one is for the script that gets mail piped to it. –  Dagon May 24 '12 at 4:30

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Usually hashbangs are only added when the PHP script is intended to be run from the command line, where it is useful. It is not typically useful to run PHP scripts designed for the web on the command line, and as such, people do not add hashbangs to them.

Also, I believe that in non-CLI PHP environments, PHP will echo the hashbang.

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If it's a UNIX shell script the shebang is appropriate. If it's for a webpage it isn't.

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