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The main activity includes some variables with set values. I created a sub-activity with the form which has to be filled with the data from main activity so I guess the data have to be passed to the sub-activity when it starts.

Does anyone know how to pass the variable values to the sub-activity from the main activity?


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You can use this method in your main activity

Intent i = new Intent(this, YourMainClass.class);
i.putExtra("key", value);

end then in the sub activity get the value with this method, usually in the onCreate event

int value = getIntent().getExtras().getInt("key");

I hope this hepls.

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Will this work in the main activity?

Intent i = new Intent(this, YourMainClass.class);
i.putExtra("key", value);

Followed by:

String value = getIntent().getExtras().getString("key");

And can you add multiple "Extras" like or something like this?

i.putExtra("key", value1); 
i.putExtra("key2", value2);
i.putExtra("key3", value3);


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