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I am using an p:fileupload to upload multiple files and to get the value of the input text field , I am using the command inputText.getSubmittedValue() where inputText is an instance of org.primefaces.component.inputtext.InputText. I am getting the value as 'null' but I am typing a valid value to the input type.Please help.

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@BalusC, There is some work around for this.Sorry if it is confusing.I was trying to isolate(highlight) the problematic part only. – Praveen V May 24 '12 at 4:49
@BalusC Hi I solved the problem by adding a binding variable <p:inputText id="displayname1" value="#{editBean.videoDisplayName}" binding="#{editBean.inputText}" style="width:170px;"> <f:validateLength minimum="2" /> </p:inputText> and in the editbean I used the inputText.getSubmittedValue().toString(); to get the value in the FileUpload listner method.A getter and setter method for the inputType is also needed in the Backing bean. – Praveen V May 30 '12 at 4:07

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