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Can anyone help me in configuring SQL Server named instance in IBM Websphere Application server?

With Regards Gopinathan K. Munappy

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Server Name: "IPAddressServer\instanceName"

in the Common and required data source properties of Data Source Configuration, it works for me on WAS

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Can confirm this works on WAS 7.0 also. If you're using custome properties it's called "serverName" –  Tommy Apr 7 at 13:48

Please see page 24 of Accessing Databases chapter of WAS 7 Administration and Configuration Guide for Example: Connecting to an SQL Server database, which gives you step by step instructions.

You will have different options according to which JDBC driver you will use and kind of datasource you'll define (XA / nonXA). These options and respective configuration parameters are outlined in Data source minimum required settings for Microsoft SQL Server document at infocenter.

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There may be an issue with the port being used. I found this article helpful:

Click Here

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