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Whenever files are changed in adobe flash cs5.5 it uses a CR (^M) as newlines. Because of this github sees the whole file as one line, and the diffs don't work. I have non-technical people working on this project, so I need the diffs to be clean on github.

How can I configure git, github, or flash so the diffs compare by lines and not the entire file?

I've tried the core.whitespace and core.autocrlf fixes to no avail.

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Try and see if a .gitattributes file declaring those file with a *.yourext eol=lf help to get files with the right EOL when they are committed.
(*.yourext being all the file with 'your extension', ie the right extension of the files changed in adobe flash cs5.5)

That way, you can influence the EOL of just the files you need to get with the right EOL.

If that doesn't work, try to version a script like the one described in "git-diff to ignore ^M", and ask your users to add in their config a a content filter driver.

content filter driver

Note that this script won't have the path of those files in parameter, so it must be able to recognize their content (unless you want to try and convert blindly all files)

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The idea is to declare that script as a 'clean' filter script, which will detect the ^M automatically during a commit. – VonC May 24 '12 at 7:33

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