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You have to have a form on your website for people to send an email to a friend if they found something interesting. You can force people to be logged in (which is not a good option in my case). You can make time delay (this is not really urgent email, so it can wait for 5 minutes). Do you have this problem? How would you solve it?

Edit: I am mostly interested in stopping manual spam

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Do you have a problem with automated scripting of your form, or people genuinely using it too much?

The simple solution to the bot problem is a Captcha, such as ReCaptcha. The user-friendliness is questionable, but it would perhaps solve your problem.

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Sorry, was not clear enough. I am talking about manual spam –  Georgy Bolyuba Jul 2 '09 at 9:19

You can also use something different from all those captcha scripts. Let me tell you what I do: - I create a md5 hash:


echo '<input type="hidden" name="form-check" value="'.$md5Value.'">';
echo '<input type="hidden" name="bot-check" value="">';

those are 2 very simple ways because: 1) auto bots try to fill all your inputs and 2)the hash is not provided, this mean you have a post request from outside your site. The hashing could be extended with some session or cookie, too.

All the best!

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Note that many modern spam bots use iOpus, which runs a full browser environment including scripting, etc, making this solution fairly useless. –  tylerl Jun 8 '12 at 7:14

I would recommend a Captcha or if you would like something a bit less intrusive, have a simple math problem(which changes) so you just have something like:

For spam protection: Type what Two Plus Two is here _________

I did this on my personal website and never had a problem(and I had a lot of attempts that failed by spambots)

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This service has very good anti-spam measures.


FYI, I am involved with the company, so I'm not entirely unbiased, but we do get a lot of refugees who come to us to end their spam problems with other services or downloaded scripts.


If you feel the need to vote down, perhaps you should leave a comment too...

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