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I was trying to run GSA function in R using the Biobase package: Expression Set. I was using the resp.type to be "Two class unpaired" .But when i run the function :

gsa <- GSA(x=exprs(Eset), genesets=genesets, genenames=genenames, y = as.integer(factor), resp.type= "Two class unpaired", minsize=2,maxsize=500,nperms=500)

It gives me an error saying :

Error in matrix(1, nrow = n, ncol = 1) : non-numeric matrix extent

I dont know what this error means. I did mode(exprs(eset)),it gives me "numeric"

Can anybody tell me how to get rid of this problem?


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It looks like n does not evaluate to a numeric value. (Try n <- "a" ; matrix(1, nrow=n, ncol=1) to see why that's my guess.) –  Josh O'Brien May 24 '12 at 6:39

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