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I would like to find the points of intersection between an ellipse and a line

If using the example (ignoring a few un-needed arguments) from the dataEllipse function from the car package i.e.

x <- dataEllipse(Prestige$income, Prestige$education, levels=0.95, lty=2)

and say you have the horizontal line


how do you find the two points of intersection between the line and the ellipse

I know you can get the data that makes the ellipse from just looking at x, however I would like to get the exact points of intersection.

Is this possible and if so how?

Thanks in advange

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The equation of an ellipse is given by:

x^2/a+y^2/b=1, and the equation of a line by cx+d=y (where a,b,c,d coefficients).

You can substitute y in the ellipse equation. Then the goal is to find the solution of f(x)=0. You can use some method like bisection to solve such a problem.

Check this out:

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I am aware of the equation of an ellipse, however I do not have the coefficients for this particular ellipse that has been generated from the data, unless I am missing something... – h.l.m May 24 '12 at 6:35
I do however have x and y coordinates of the ellipse, can I get the coefficients from that data? – h.l.m May 24 '12 at 6:36

I bet there's a curve-fitting method that can get the foci and axis lengths of your ellipse from the set of x-y coords, but it looks tough: . You might get a "good enough" answer by using splinefun on your set of x-y coordinate data and following the answers in The intersection point between a spline and a line

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