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When I was trying to run the Qt::Phonon::VideoPlayer demo code, I got strange bug. The video is not rendered while sound is played well. What's wrong?

Here's my code:

if (ui->widget)
    Phonon::VideoPlayer *player = new Phonon::VideoPlayer(ui->widget);


    connect(player, SIGNAL(finished()), player, SLOT(deleteLater()));


ui->widget is a QWidget element on my window. The code is run on button click (button is also in the window).

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Sounds like you are missing a codec on your OS. Have you tried this with many different video files, do they all behave the same way?

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Yes. They do. I do not see any video on my Windows7 PC but i do on my Linux PC =) – shybovycha May 24 '12 at 18:08

Found this bug surely unexpected: frame size was 1x1 px. Did not know what to do and the most surprising was the solution i took a glance somewhere over the internet:

player->setMinimumSize(ui->playerWidget->width(), ui->playerWidget->height());
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