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below is a section of my code where i am trying to output a string and an integer to a file. It would not let me output more than on thing at a time so I had to put them on seperate lines. I also now have an error saying:

TypeError: Expected a character buffer object

referring to the line outputting the variable count. Can someone tell me how to fix this error? Also if I could somehow combine all this into one line that would be cool too. Thanks!

print outfile.write ("(" + currentuser + ")")
print outfile.write (" ")
print outfile.write (count)
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The .write() method of file objects takes a string argument. To write an integer, you need to convert it to a string first.

outfile.write("(%s) %s" % (currentuser, count))

is probably what you're looking for. I'm not sure why you're printing the return values, since .write() doesn't return anything.

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Thank you very much! That fixed the problem. – tkd_aj May 24 '12 at 6:50

If this is Python (which I am not sure about), try

print outfile.write ("(" + currentuser + ") " + str(count))


print outfile.write("(%s) %d" % (currentuser, count))


print outfile.write("({0}) {1}".format(currentuser, count))
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