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i am making an interviewing chatbot using programO (i am new to php) in which i want to display a message if for long time there is no activity on chat window. i hav searched jquery plugins but they are for detecting mouse or keyboard strokes but i am just concerend with detecting that whether the chat window is upadted with a user input or not . i hav also searched javascript settimeout and settimeinterval functions to display a message but i am unable to understand how to use them with chat window form.

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what have you tried speaking of code? – user1299518 May 24 '12 at 6:58
if you want to get just the response of in chat window, then just use setInterval('', 1000) in one minute, and get the data from where you store the chat data. for more info about see the related question… – jogesh_pi May 24 '12 at 7:14
i have been trying to use setTimeout function. function timeout_trigger() { alert("say something"); } if(!isset($_POST['SAY'])) { setTimeout('timeout_trigger()', 3000); } say is my button on chat form for submitting input. – Jawaria Irfan May 24 '12 at 16:59

setTimeout needs to be used in conjunction with clearTimeout. Use clearTimeout whenever a time resetting event occurs.


    var interval = -1;
    var TIMEOUT = 5; // seconds
    function doTimeout(){
        alert('show timeout message');
        startClock(); // if you want to restart the timer
    function startClock(event){
        console.log("foo",interval, event);
        if(interval !== -1){
            console.log("clearing timeout");
        interval = setTimeout(doTimeout,TIMEOUT*1000);
    startClock(); // if you want to start the timer on arrival

<!-- add remove events as you see fit -->
<textarea id="chatinput" onblur="startClock(event)" onfocus="startClock(event)" onchange="startClock(event)" onkeyup="startClock(event)"></textarea>

For more on timeout:
questions: javascript setTimeout clearTimeout

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