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My question is: How to get different values in one sql query? I am trying this:

          SUM(op.option_value) AS total_votes,
          COUNT(op.option_value) AS number_votes,
          questions_options AS op 
          INNER JOIN questions AS q 
                    ON (q.id = op.q_id) 
          INNER JOIN 
                              SUM(p.unseen) AS comments 
                              questions_options AS p) tab 
                    ON (q.id = tab.q_id) 
WHERE op.option_value > 0 
GROUP BY q.question_title 

This query is working perfectly, If i remove the middle "INNER JOIN" (i.e shows me the id, question title, sum of total votes rating, and the number of votes....

But I want to show unseen comments also, which is another field in that table and takes "1" for unseen (unread) comment...

So how can I do this by putting unseen comments number....any idea or suggestions...

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you have eliminated the q_id field from your subquery named "tab", so of course you can't join on that field anymore. You probably want (select sum(p.unseen), p.q_id from questions_options as p group by q_id) tab –  Judge Mental May 24 '12 at 6:58
hi....yes you are right..it show some result...but 2 for all fields, i want only for those fields which have un-read comments...thanks –  ime.devdesks May 24 '12 at 7:03

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I think Judge Mental is right.

You should SELECT the "q_id" field in your subquery to be able to make an inner join to "tab.q_id".


Your first INNER JOIN looks like this:

SELECT * FROM questions_options AS op
INNER JOIN questions AS q
ON (q.id = op.q_id)

..so basically the relation (and join) between your two tables is based on "questions.id" and "questions_options.q_id".

Well, it's the same story for you subquery.

In your subquery you define a SELECT statement FROM "questions_options", which will only return the columns/fields you put after your SELECT.

(SELECT SUM(p.unseen) AS comments
FROM questions_options AS p) tab

To be able to use any data from you subquery, you will have to SELECT the "questions_options.q_id" field and make a join with the "questions.id" field already in your main query.

(SELECT p.q_id, SUM(p.unseen) AS comments
FROM questions_options AS p) tab

INNER JOIN (...subquery...) ON (q.id = tab.q_id)

So tab.q_id refers to the p.q_id you selected in your subquery.

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yes working fine...by selecting q_id field in subquery....and then innerjoin on tab.q_id...thank you joshua. But i didn't understand how this working, can you explain it or edit your question for detail...thanks. –  ime.devdesks May 24 '12 at 7:13

I dont know if I am correct, but I have found something here.
If u read OP's query again and again, U will get to know that there is no need for second inner join.
you can also put sum(p.unseen) as comments in first select itself as it is also asking from the questions_options table on the basis of q.id = tab.q_id, which by itself comes in the first inner join betweenquestionsandquestions_options`.
Hope it helps you.

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you are right Abhinav, but for this scenario there is different thing...bcz we put some rating of question in option_value and also put comments value for comments...so thats why it can't perform what you are saying..... –  ime.devdesks May 24 '12 at 7:24

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