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I am following the sample code on the django docs for the auth function login() for the purpose of learning about the various ways login can be achieved. I am aware of the built-in forms and built-in views, and will ultimately end up using them, but I am trying to understand, not just to know.

The problem I'm having is that the user is logged in successfully in check_user, but doesn't seem to persist in the session when the redirect is called. Why is the is_authenticated() function giving me inconsistent results? I have a feeling it's to do with RequestContext, but I'm not sure what.

def check_user(request):
    username = request.POST['username']
    password = request.POST['password']
    user = authenticate(username=username, password=password)
    if user is not None:
        if user.is_active:
            login(request, user)
            test1 = user.is_authenticated() ### True
            test2 = request.user.is_authenticated() ### False
            return HttpResponseRedirect(NEXT_PAGE) ### NEXT_PAGE gives request.user.is_authenticated() is False
            return HttpResponse("disabled account")
        return HttpResponse("invalid login")
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Check, do you have correct INSTALLED_APPS, TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS, MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in your settings.py – stalk May 24 '12 at 7:27
yes I have those settings correct according to the docs you linked. I didn't have TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS specified so I added it to be sure, however the issue still persists. – thedawnrider May 24 '12 at 8:05
And you're sure you have 'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware' in your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES ? – Jonas Geiregat May 24 '12 at 8:21
as per the standard startapp settings: MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = (...'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware',...) copied and pasted – thedawnrider May 24 '12 at 8:25
You wrote request.user.is_authenticated is False. I suppose it is in template? If so, try to use user.is_authenticated. I.e. without request., as written here. And be sure, 'django.core.context_processors.request' and 'django.core.context_processors.auth', are present in TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS. – stalk May 24 '12 at 8:31

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