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I want to have something like:

 AStaticClass.MakeCall(commonCmds => commonCmds.MethodOfAParticularClass)

So I want to have a lambda expression as an argument and have the delegate list the available set of methods of a particular class that I can access through intellisense with the lambda function. Then make a call to the passed in method.

i.e. commonCmds => commonCmds. {Lists all the methods of a particular class}

and then I want to have a method that makes that call.

I can't figure it out the proper method signature.

So far I have public void MakeCall(Action cmd) {cmd.invoke;} THis obviously does not work. I tried func, Expression and cannot figure it out.

Thank you so much for the help!


CmdsTwo and CmdsOne Can be static. However I would like to my classes up in this way, since it will make a lot my other work much easier.

public void Main(string []args) {
    MyStaticClass.MakeCall(x => x.DoThis);

    MyStaticClass.MakeCallTwo(x => x.DoThisTwo);

    MyStaticClass.MakeCall(x => x.DoThisThree);

public static class MyStaticClass{
    public static void MakeCall<???>( ??????)

    public static void MakeCallTwo<???>( ??????)

public class Cmds{
    public void DoThis();

    public void DoThisThree();

public class CmdsTwo{
    public void DoThisTwo();


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'have the delegate list the available set of methods of a particular class that I can access' does not make sense. Are you talking about Intellisense? –  leppie May 24 '12 at 7:35
Answers are pretty different, you should make more clear what you mean with list all the methods of a particular class. –  Adriano Repetti May 24 '12 at 7:35
I'm not sure it's clear what you're asking. Are you saying Do you want the IDE to know what type you're passing to your MakeCall method so that intellisense works? –  Dan Puzey May 24 '12 at 7:35

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The closest i can think of right now is this:

commonCmds => commonCmds.GetType().GetMethods()

This returns you an array of MethodInfo, which describe all methods of the type of commonCmds. You'd have to invoke one of those like this:

object result = someMethodInfo.Invoke(someObjectInstance, new object[] { someParameter });
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You can check it

AStaticClass.MakeCall( () => commonCmds.MethodOfAParticularClass)
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You need to use the generic version of Action With A Type.

public void MakeCall(Action<TYPE_HERE> cmd) 

The type gets inferred and intellisense should kick in.

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So I got it. Iused an extension method. Thank you.

 public static class MyStaticClass{
     public static void MakeCall(Action<Cmds> paramater){
           Helper(new Cmds(), parameter);

      private static void Helper(this Cmds, Action<Cmds> invokeThis) {...}

     public static void MakeCallTwo<???>( ??????)
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