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I am new to pthreads and would like to ask how to express something like:

 #pragma omp sections
  #pragma omp section
  #pragma omp section

in an equivalent construct using fork() or vfork() ? Thanks ahead!

PS: I included the while around the sections in case it is somehow more clever to fork before the entering the loop due to some resource cloning.

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OpenMP does lots of other things behind the scenes than merely spawning threads. It also distributes code segments and synchronises the different threads. You have tagged your question as pthreads though you are asking about implementation with fork() which is confusing. In Linux fork() is very heavyweight as it creates new processes and rather clone() is used to create threads.

Nevertheless, the rough equivalent of an OpenMP sections construct with two threads would be to fork, afterwards an if construct has to follow and the master process would execute the dothis() path while the child will execute the dothat() path. The return value from fork() is different in the parent and in the child processes and can be used to make the decision for the branch. The parent process will then wait for the child to finish with waitpid() which will be analogous to the implicit barrier synchronisation at the end of the omp sections region.

One caveat though - fork() is implemented using COW (copy-on-write) pages. What it means is that although at the beginning the memory content of the child is equal to the memory content of the parent, any changes made are private - the child will not see what the parent modifies in its own memory and vice versa. Memory has to be explicitly shared between the two using either SysV shared memory primitives or shared file mappings.

You might really want to look into using POSIX threads API instead.

vfork() is a syscall designed for completely different purpose and is not suitable for process cloning at all.

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So considering pthreads it would juist become: pthread_create(&tid1,0,dothis,0); pthread_create(&tid2,0,dothat,0); pthread_join(tid1,0); pthread_join(tid2,0); ? this would ndeed be alot easier, and if i see this correctly i ge shared memory by default? Thanks this could be lot easier thn fork! – litro May 24 '12 at 11:49
No need to call pthread_create twice - you already have the other thread :) – Hristo Iliev May 24 '12 at 11:50

I do not think that there is a straight simulation of sections using the fork. However, you can theoretically simulate it using a messgae passing mechanism where the shared variables are kept with a root machine. All the openMP flush will happen using the root. (Remember that openMP uses weaker than weak consistency model).

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