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i am a typo3 newbie. I installted typo3 4.5 with the introduction package. After i searched whole google, asked people who wrote tutorials about the plugin I am having problems with - i still cannot find a solution. I really hope someone can help me here.

Plugin: Grid Elements

  1. I successfully installed the plugin. i edited the main template of the introduction package and included the static template there
  2. i created a ne record in my root page with the grid element layout i need. ID of my element is: 3 and i have only 2 columns with ids 20 and 21
  3. then i added the conent element on a subpage, inserted my content in my to columns. They successfully appear in the frontend - although with the standard html --> View CODE

  4. i also put my TypoScript into the page TSConfig of my "home" root page. --> see image below

Some more images to help you understand: View

Sorry..not allowed to post images yet ^^

Please tell me what i am doing wrong :)!! Why is my TypoScript not working?

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found the problem... when the indroduction package is installed it is necessary to create a new template element and include the static template here. also the TS should be entered here to display the correct struktur in the frontend

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Thats not right. You should have checked your TS with the TS Object Browser. – pgampe May 25 '12 at 8:44

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