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I am attempting to mimic some stuff from Orchard CMS in my own app using unity..

Okay so what I am trying to do is this...

Lets say I have a marker interface called IDependency..

public interface IDependency{ }

I then have several interfaces hanging off of this...

public interface ICustomerService : IDependency { }

public interface ICustomerRepository : IDependency { }

and then have some classes too...

public class CustomerService : ICustomerService {
     public CustomerService(ICustomerRepository customerRepo){ }

public class SomOtherCustomerService : ICustomerService {
     public CustomerService(ICustomerRepository customerRepo){ }

public class NicksController : Controller {
     public NicksController(IEnumerable<ICustomerService> customerServices) { }

 public class NicksSecondController : Controller {
     public NicksSecondController(IEnumerable<ICustomerService> customerServices) { }

What I have so far..

var container = new UnityContainer();

    //.Include(If.Implements<IDependency>, Then.Register()
    .Include(t =>
        typeof(IDependency).IsAssignableFrom(t), (type, builder) =>

                foreach (var interfaceType in type.GetInterfaces()
                .Where(itf => typeof(IDependency).IsAssignableFrom(itf))) {
                    builder = builder.RegisterType(interfaceType, type);

Im falling down on the injecting of an IEnumerable in to my NicksSecondController... Any Ideas??

Cheers, Nick

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Out of the box Unity only knows how to resolve arrays. Have a look at the TecX project on codeplex. It contains a custom extension that teaches the container to handle IEnumerable<T>, IList<T> and ICollection<T> as well. The code can be found in TecX.Unity (folder Collections).

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