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I have 2 RadGridViews in my application. 2 Grids are pulling the information from two different sources. That information is binded to grid view.

Both the sources are of same Type List<MyComplexObject>. Now I wanted to compare these two grids, and color the cells(to Red) in second grid which has the Different value.

How can we implement this functionality using Silverlight, C# and Telerik RadGridView

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You could use a Style Selector for the grid you want to have colored in a different way. You would need to prepare a normal cell style and a "Red" cell style as in this example. The article present the complete solution for cell style selector so you will have a full view on how this works. What you would need to do additionaly is to add a property (DependencyProperty) to the style selector to which you would bind the data collection against which you check the cell value validity.

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