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I have two views in my RCP application, wherein I'm performing a task(background operation),the status of the operation is shown in view1. What I'm trying to achieve is that,during the task in progress, user shouldn't able to move/traverse to other views.They(other views) should be disabled.

As a workaround i tried using the showView method of IWorkbenchPage.


I've used the three constants VIEW_VISIBLE,VIEW_ACTIVATE,VIEW_CREATE. None worked in my case though.By the way in showView method signature, i could not figure out what is a secondary id.

Below is the simulated demo of my problem enter image description here

here the user can traverse to view Demo,during the operation, which shouldn't be actually. How can i resolve this, any ideas please?

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You can't really disable a view (there is no notion of "disabled views"). The only thing you can do is hide it. Use the hideView() method to do that.

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gratitude for valuable suggestion – srk May 24 '12 at 9:46

Another way of doing it would be to use the ProgressService to display a modal progress dialog while the operation is progressing. This way the user must wait until the operation is complete before they can interact with the UI.

PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getProgressService().run(true, false, runnable);  


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You can disable a view like you disable any other SWT control: by setting setEnabled(false) on the top Composite. Often done by overriding ViewPart.showBusy(...)...

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