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I have a new problem with a Form and the BACK button.

Take this kind of FORM:

public SearchSomethingForm() {
setModel(new CompoundPropertyModel<Void>(this));

add(new SubmitButton());


As you see, I don't have a property model base on a single Object.

Inside the form I only add some panel with some INPUT inside. For Example:

private String name;
protected void onInitialize() {
 final TextField<String> foo = new TextField<String> ("name",new PropertyModel<String>(this,"name"));
 add (foo);

Every Panel code has something like that. Some input with a BIND to a local Property.

Then in FORM SUBMIT, I can read the value with



After the form submit, I open a new Page with result. I want a BACK button to the FORM's Page with every pre-entered field already compiled so the user has only to change a portion of form to make a new search.

Without a specific PropertyModel, I cant compile the Object with its property mapped on form fields. The Form doesn't Know wich kind of FIELD will be added.

How can I resolve this?


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Is there a specific reason for storing your state inside various components instead of a single dedicated state object? –  biziclop May 24 '12 at 18:49

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After some test I discovered that Wicket can pass entire page from pages so when I call the new page, I pass the form page:

SheetPage page = new SheetPage("SheetPage", idPojo,FormPage.this);

In the SheetPage I will have a LINK to the previous page:

public SheetPage(String title, String idPojo, final FormPage fPage) {
    Link back = new Link("back"){
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

       public void onClick() {

When I return to FormPage, I will find the page as was before opening the sheet page with form entirely pre-compiled. Awesome!

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