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I have a requirement where I need to read an interface (say /sys/module/my_file/parameters/val) and then based on its value write some value on another interface. This has to be done in init.rc of Android filesystem.

flow would be like this

if ( read /sys/module/my_file/parameters/val == "yes") then
write /sys/devices/platform/target_file/val 100

Can anybody help me to do the same?? Is it possible??

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You can implement this using an exec stanza:

exec <path> [ <argument> ]*
   Fork and execute a program (<path>). This will block until
   the program completes execution. It is best to avoid exec
   as unlike the builtin commands, it runs the risk of getting
   init "stuck".

See https://github.com/android/platform_system_core/blob/master/init/readme.txt for the details.

Example: Move your code into a script (my_script.sh). Add this to your init.rc

on boot:
  exec /path/to/my_script.sh
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