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I have an excel file with some email links. I would like to have a clickable link to download those files.

Having the two files (the excel and the email) in the same folder, the link file://test.eml or only test.eml does not open it, I need to use an absolute path. There would be a way to do this?



The absolute path is a known value, but anyway, the file is not opened.

=HYPERLINK("C:\Users\blanca.hernandez\Desktop\2012-05-24T09-41-11-0.00007.eml", "email")

It is funny, because something like


gives me a clickabe link to open the file, but if I want to do the same with other directory, as


it is not possible to open. Are there some reasons for that?

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You can use the Hyperlink(LinkLocation, FriendlyName") function in conjunction with Cell("filename")

Cell("filename") returns the full file name of the file that contains the reference as
To get just the path use
LEFT(CELL("filename"),FIND("*", SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"), "\", "*", LEN(CELL("filename")) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"),"\","")))))

Hyperlink(LinkLocation, FriendlyName") creates a hyperlink

To link to the file test.eml the full formula is

=HYPERLINK(LEFT(CELL("filename"),FIND("*",SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"),"\","*",LEN(CELL("filename"))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"),"\","")))))&"test.eml","Link to File")
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Thanks for your answer. I have edited my question to explain better the problem –  Blanca Hdez May 24 '12 at 9:22
    MyPath = ActiveWorkbook.Path

that will give you the path to the workbook

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