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I am planning to buy one laptop for software development.

I narrowed down to go with Dell Inspiron 14

The site is saying it has clock speed of 3.1 GHZ. But from Dell India call center i came to know there is no model with Dell 14 ( i5-3.1Ghz and 1TB HDD size). They are saying they have models with clock speed 3.1 GHZ in i7.

I would like to know, Is there any limitation of clock speed in i5 ?

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This i5 does 'turbo burst' overclocking by itself. The processor in here can burst up to 3.1GHz but its stock speed is 2.5GHz. You can look at the detailed specs of this CPU on the intel site: http://ark.intel.com/products/53452/Intel-Core-i5-2450M-Processor-(3M-Cache-up-to-3_10-GHz). They're probably just trying to make the laptop look better by advertising it with its burst clock speed!

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