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I am writing a macro which perform following functionality

  1. take a file say excel or csv
  2. read all the labels
  3. dynamically generate square, square-root, log of each column with appropriate column name and write it to a new file,

I am stuck at dynamically genrateing the column names like Revenue_square etc.

Example " i have a excel with 3 columns Revenue, cost & profit

Now my Macro should be able to read the values and for each column and perform square, square root and log of Revenue, cost & profit and write to excel with column names as Revenue_square, Revenue_squareroot, Revenue_log cost_square etc...

Below is my code

test$Rev_square = test[c(1)]^2 

headings = names(data) 
show (headings) 
HEADINGS = toupper(headings) 

for ( i in 1:length(HEADINGS)) { 
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Check the package XLConnect for working with Excel sheets. That one gives you an incredible flexibility for adding columns and the likes. –  Joris Meys May 24 '12 at 9:12
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You can use either paste (or paste0) or sprintf to create the new column names, then use [[ rather than $ to do the assignment. Also it is better to use seq_along rather than 1:length in the looping statement.

for(i in names(mydata)) {
  newname <- paste0(i,"_squared")
  mydata[[newname]] <- mydata[[i]]^2
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