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I am trying to learn about GAE Task Queues with Python 2.7. The sample code here doesn't work when I try to copy and past it into a '' app from the Python 2.7 tutorial here.

I think it's because I don't have a 'counter.html' and I gather it is a pretty simple task to make one because it says this:

(In this example, 'counters.html' refers to a Django template that contains the HTML for a page that displays the counter value, and a button to trigger a POST request to the / URL.)

I gather that I should know how to make 'counter.html' but I can't.

Any suggestions?

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"It doesn't work" is spectacularly unhelpful. If something doesn't work, tell us what does happen, and if there's a stacktrace or other information, include it. – Nick Johnson May 24 '12 at 11:29

You should be able to adapt the guestbook template example pretty easily.

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If your code is copy/paste from the Google sample page and is not working, then it may be your app.yaml and queue.yaml files are not set up properly. Symptom = your TQ call never gets to the handler. (You do need more specificity re: problem as Nick said.) Reference for yamls:

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