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I have a question regarding FLWOR joins. Here's an overview of how my XMLs look like.

  <!-- By schema file, there could be unbounded role-ids -->

  <!-- By schema file, there could be unbounded permission-ids -->


I have a FLWOR expression, query, which should return a sequence of permissions for a given user. It should be simple enough, however I can't figure out why I'm getting an empty ResourceSet every time run the query.

for $i in collection("data/rbac/users")/user[user-id="..."]/role-id
for $j in collection("data/rbac/roles")/roles/role
for $k in collection("data/rbac/permissions")/permission
where $i = $j/role-id and exists($j/permission-id[. = $k/permission-id])
return $k

Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks,


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It's hard to tell since the structure of the source XML data isn't completely clear. But there seems to be a small inconsistency - the second line of your XQuery assumes a node named roles inside your collection data/rbac/roles. Maybe the second line should look like

for $j in collection("data/rbac/roles")/role

? Just guessing...

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I forgot to mention. There is a <roles>...</roles> wraper around <role>..</role> elements, therefore to access role, I have to access the roles, first. Anyways, thanks for effort! – Igor May 24 '12 at 12:00

Your XQuery does not seem to match the data you provide. For example role-id is not a child of user, and also there does not seem to be a roles element. This query given the provided XML will likely return an empty resource set.

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