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We currently using TFS 2005 for our source control.

Recently we went through the process of deploying new reports, this involved the changing of the data source for reports to point to a different server.

In trying this, we encountered issues, as it would not accept the change to the Data Source. There were no errors, but when the data source was checked it still was pointing to the original server.

It was then we started having issues with getting the latest version of the code, we are unsure if this was a result of the changes we attempted but my thinking is we just discovered it by doing the change.

Now we cannot get the latest version either by Get Latest Version or Get Specific Version. This is across the board for everyone in the team and only for that project.

Any check, solutions or advice would be welcome as the option of losing the project is not an option.

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Have you tried creating a new workspace and running "Get Latest Version"? Do any files get sunk at all? If that works, what about subsequent gets from that workspace? –  Taylor Lafrinere May 24 '12 at 12:16
To add to Taylor's questions - are you performing get in Visual Studio, when your solution is open? If so, can you try closing the solution and perform get from Source Control Explorer (select root $/ to perform get on whole workspace). If this does not help, can you close Visual Studio and run "tf get" from your commandline? –  MichalMa May 24 '12 at 19:23
Sorry for the lack of response guys your comments are more than welcome. We eventually hit upon the solution. Someone had specifically turned of Inherit Permissions within the project. We think this was done and then the project checked in, thus resulting on everyone who got the latest copy had no permissions to do anything. A huge sigh of relief! –  user1414587 Jun 11 '12 at 8:15

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