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I have an asp.net project and I want to show the progress image (GIF) without using AJAX and using simple java-script DIV magic.

All I want to do is to put one div (which show animation clock while page loading in progress) in master page (asp.net master page so I need not to repeat the code on every content pages) and show it when page load is in progress.

I hope your understand what I want to do.


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To clarify: That one div contains just some generic "loading, please wait..." string, or like you said, a spinning clock GIF? Also, you mention "master" page - do you mean that there are "clone" pages? As in...clone windows? –  Zlatko May 24 '12 at 10:20
I have updated question to justify your clarifications. –  Jigar Pandya May 24 '12 at 10:27
something like this but not this one as this is somewhat not complete one.....wiki.asp.net/page.aspx/1633/full-screen-loading-panel –  Jigar Pandya May 24 '12 at 10:30
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You can achieve like this

<body style="background-color:#FFFFFF;" onLoad="init()">

    <div id="loading" style="position:absolute; width:200px; height:163px; text-align:center;top:310px; left:487px;">
    <img src="images/loading.gif" border=0 style="margin:38px"/>
 var ld=(document.all);
  var ns4=document.layers;
 var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all;
 var ie4=document.all;
  if (ns4)
 else if (ns6)
 else if (ie4)
  function init()
 else if (ns6||ie4) ld.display="none";
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where to put and how to use? –  Jigar Pandya May 24 '12 at 10:48
you put this code in masterpage and on body onload call function init() The div with id loading is area where u put gif loading image.just below that u will find function which control visiblity of image with div. –  sharad May 24 '12 at 10:58
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make 2 sections in your document's body

<div id="progress">
// Code for gif image

<div id="content" style="display:none;">
// Whole page content

And after that include this javascript. Not in header

  document.getElementById("progress").style.display = 'none';
  document.getElementById("content").style.display = 'block';

If you know jQuery you can do similarly on $(document).ready() event

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