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When working with Resharper, I often used F12 and Shift + F12 to cycle through all the highlighted 'errors' found by Resharper. That keystroke, Alt + Enter, Alt + & Alt + are my favorite way to fix errors quickly w/ Resharper.

I know you can do Shift + Alt + F10 / Ctrl + . to fix the squiggly errors offered by the smart tags, but I need a faster way to navigate to any of them inside the editor.

I am not looking for View.NextError which will allow you to jump to the next compilation / build error.

Trying to find if Visual Studio 2010 has a similar shortcut, but no luck so far.

Anyone know?

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Why not to add custom shortcuts for all commands you want? By default F8 goes through errors as far as I know. – Kirill V. Lyadvinsky Jul 2 '09 at 10:30
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Figured it out.

For some reason, my VS2010 setup is using Visual Basic 6 keyboard scheme. There is a View.NextError command, but it wasn't bound to anything. Switched it Visual C# 2005 keyboard scheme and it's bound to Ctrl + Shift + F12.

Great, now I can do TDD style development quicker.

All I need to do is quickly press Ctrl + Shift + F12 to go to the method / class that has not been implemented and then press Ctrl + . / Alt + Shift + F10 to show the smart tag options or even better, binding the OtherContextMenus.SmartTag.(whatever) commands to some keystrokes to get more speed.

Remapping this keys to my usual Resharper settings might be nice. Anyhow...

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