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Is there any alternative to creating two tables: parent and child to implement parent child form. I am working with a database where the Parent Table contains repeated feilds on the Child. This makes the concept annoying to me. I could code with it that way but its anoying to me. I want to redesign the database, possibly merge the tables to 1 and use views instead of tables. I need suggestion on a work around and possible the pros and cons.


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You can Add Parent Id in same Table to avoid using 2 tables.


category_id -------- category_name --------- parent_category_id

1 -------------------- CAT A --------------------- 0

2 -------------------- CAT CHILD A ------------ 1

3 -------------------- CAT CHILD A 1 ---------- 1

4 -------------------- CHILD OF A -------------- 2

Likewise. Hope this will help.

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Thanks you have been helpful – user103827 May 25 '12 at 4:13

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