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I am building an application that uses a remote database - it saves objects of type A to the database and reads objects of type B from the database.

As saving models has the potential to block and release the GIL and the application doesn't use the saved objects itself, I want to move the call to .save() to a separate thread.

I know that Django is generally not thread safe. So my question is - can there be any problem with querying for objects of type B while the other thread saves objects of type A?

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This does not actually answer the question, but I think you would be better off setting up a message queue system and use another process to process the messages.

Instead of saving, put the new/modified object in a local storage (a service à la GAE Tasks Queues or Amazon SQS is best but any kind of local storage would do) and process them on the side.

However, basically, you're implementing a database replication scheme (even with threads, your local storage is memory) so may be you should consider actually using full featured replication.

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The easiest way to go about it is to offload it to separate process using ztask.

from django_ztask.decorators import task

def delayed_save(obj):


your_object.something = "something"
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