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I've a problem with my Android Developer account, my registration is success but instead paid 25$, Google charged me 25$ again, total is 50$.

My Developer account register success on Mar 3 and I can publish my app. But I not logged on to it until May 14, when Android Market change name to "Google Play Market", On May 14 I logged on and problem is occurred, Google charge me 25 USD again!

This is my order history in my Google Wallet:

Mar 3: You placed an order with Google on Mar 3. Google Checkout sent a copy of this receipt to xxx

Mar 3: Google received your order. //==> Charged me 25$, registration success

May 14: Google charged your VISA xxx for $25.00. Google Play" will appear on your billing statement. // ==> Charged me 25$ again, when I logged in to my Google Play Account!

And now I don't know why and cannot found the way to contact Google support

Thank you (and sorry for my English).

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Same problem here. 3 years later – PabloKarzin Jul 28 at 17:41

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They shouldn't charge you twice. I heard it happened to others as well. You need to file a complaint:

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