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Can someone help me to understand why internationalization using ResourceBundle does not work in Google App Engine Servlet the same way it works in a command line Java application?

The following snippet:

ResourceBundle resource_en_US, resource_de_DE, resource_ja_JP;

resource_en_US = ResourceBundle.getBundle(bundleBasename, Locale.US); resource_de_DE = ResourceBundle.getBundle(bundleBasename, new Locale("de_DE")); resource_ja_JP = ResourceBundle.getBundle(bundleBasename, new Locale("ja_JP"));"resource_en_US:" + resource_en_US.getLocale());"resource_de_DE:" + resource_de_DE.getLocale());"resource_ja_JP:" + resource_ja_JP.getLocale());

Logs only en_US in GAE.




But logs the appropriate Locales in command line Java program.




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Make sure your properties files are being copied into WEB-INF/classes. You can check this out using a command shell.

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Hi @nacho-coloma, I use Eclipse as development environment and these files are being copied to <project-root>/war/WEB-INF/classes. – tanji May 28 '12 at 11:17

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