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Is it possible to search through Item IDs in Amazon SDB, something like:

SELECT * FROM myDomain WHERE ItemName like '1234%'

I'm new to nosql, making first app with Amazon SimpleDB, figuring out best schema for my data.

Was thinking of making ItemName a concatenation of userId, topicId and, say, a timestamp - for a forum, for instance. So that getting all posts of a single user would be by searching through ItemNames, which are, I suppose, indexed - perhaps, a faster search.

Or should I just assign unique IDs to my items and never bother with their sorting, naming convention etc. - doing search only through Attributes?

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Yes.. you search through Item IDs in Amazon SimpleDB and you can even sort your data using item IDs too. Here are some examples of query -

select * from domain where itemName() like '1234%'
select * from domain limit N
select * from domain where itemName() like '1234%' order by itemName() limit 2500.

For more details you refer following documentation -

Disclosure: I'm a developer of SDB Explorer.

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Thank you so much! For the answer and for the excellent tool too! Read tons of docs and missed the itemName() syntax. – Serge May 25 '12 at 9:20
@SergikS You're most welcome. – Ashish Pancholi May 25 '12 at 10:01

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