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A common annoyance in Matlab is that, if one forgets the semicolon, one might be flooded with megabytes of numbers in the interactive shell. Matlab calls disp(...) on any unsurpressed output, which can be quite painful. The output of datatipinfo(...) is much more friendly.

  • Is it possible to change Matlabs behaviour to call datatipinfo rather than disp on unsurpressed output?
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No, it's not possible.

If you are working with MATLAB objects, you can overload disp to make it display whatever you want, which could include the use of datatipinfo. But in general no, it's not possible.

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Be aware of modifying disp command for Matlab. It has nasty side-effects, for example it will not work in compiled code.

My best advice is simply don't forget the semicolon. If you need to display something, just use disp.

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