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I am using an upload-plugin for CakePHP and i managed to modify it to write the paths, resize the image and save the image. But now I want to pass on a pId variable (an int) to the function where i save the image.

This is how it works: 1) There is a addpictures.ctp with the following:

$result = $this->Upload->upload('Projects/'.$projects['Project']['id'], $this->Form->field[''], $projects['Project']['id']);
    echo $result;

This just works fine. (Note that i added a third argument, the project ID.) 2) The function being called looks like this:

public function upload($model, $id, $pId){
        $result =  $this->edit($model, $id, $pId);
        return $result;

This is inside Pluging/AjaxMultiUpload/View/Helper/UploadHelper.php

3) Now the edit function (in the same file) looks like this:

public function edit ($model, $id, $pId) {
    require_once (ROOT . DS . APP_DIR . "/Plugin/AjaxMultiUpload/Config/bootstrap.php");

$dir = Configure::read('');
        if (strlen($dir) < 1) {
                    $dir = "files";

        $webroot = Router::url("/") . "ajax_multi_upload";
        // Replace / with underscores for Ajax controller
        $lastDir = str_replace ("/", "___", 
            $this->last_dir ($model, $id));
        $str = <<<END
            <br /><br />
            <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="$webroot/css/fileuploader.css" />
            <script src="$webroot/js/fileuploader.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
            <div id="AjaxMultiUpload">
                     <p>Please enable JavaScript to use file uploader.</p>
            <script src="$webroot/js/fileuploader.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
                function createUploader(){            
                    var uploader = new qq.FileUploader({
                        element: document.getElementById('AjaxMultiUpload'),
                        action: '$webroot/uploads/upload/$lastDir/',
                                                pid: '$pId',
                        debug: true
                window.onload = createUploader;     
                $str .= $this->view ($model, $id, true);
        return $str;

Now this is where i added the following:

pid: '$pId',

As you can see to the creation of the instance. Now this script is where the magic happens and where i lose overview. The script is really long, excuse me but i dont really know what to do...

And somewhere here i would like to get the $pId i passed in the Helper.

How do i achieve this?

I am totally lost and after 2 days staring and screwing around with it i am lost.

Greetings, Harm.


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Try it like this, edit your uploader code

            function createUploader(){            
                var uploader = new qq.FileUploader({
                    element: document.getElementById('AjaxMultiUpload'),
                    action: '$webroot/uploads/upload/$lastDir/',
                    debug: true,
                    params: {
                        pid: 123,
                        another: "asd"
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Tried it out and on line 1198 i added the following to check alert(params['pid']); But it alerts Undifined – Hawiak May 24 '12 at 13:20
params is not an array so you can't use params['pid'], it's an object so you'll have to use to use it – slash197 May 25 '12 at 5:26
I did change it to and i still get the same result. Sorry to bother you more. – Hawiak May 25 '12 at 6:49
Could someone please reply again? its still not working and i really dont know what to do – Hawiak May 31 '12 at 8:01

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