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I have several dates in mysql tables, using those dates I need to find out the number of days in the month. Suppose i have 2003-02-05 it should return 28. for example

date                days_in_month
2003-2-3            28
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Just beat me :) – Cylindric May 24 '12 at 11:57

You can combine LAST_DAY with string function

SELECT RIGHT( LAST_DAY(  '2003-02-03' ) , 2 )
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Try this:

SELECT DAYOFMONTH(LAST_DAY(your_date)) FROM your_table
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An alternative to string-chopping is to use:

SELECT DAY(LAST_DAY('2010-02-1'));
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I think you are asking the total number of days to be returned for a month. If you are trying to find the total number of days for current month, here is the query:

select timestampdiff(day,
date_add( concat(year(now()),'-',month(now()),'-01'), interval 1 month)).

If you want to externalize this using any programming language, externalize year and month in the code and replace that with now()

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Use following statement

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select DAY(LAST_DAY(yourdate)) as days_in_month

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