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Hello I need simple script help.

How do I read file (imagefile on filesystem) from file and save it to database binary field (SQL2008 table)?

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What have you got so far? Easily translatable to vbs; support.microsoft.com/kb/258038 –  Alex K. May 24 '12 at 12:01
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You 'd better publish your code next time. It's a INSERT INTO and SELECT statement, and we use a special form of the OPENROWSET function to get the image into your table field

'create table first
create table #Images (doclen bigint, doc varbinary(max))

'insert a file
insert into #Images
  select len(bulkcolumn), *
  openrowset(bulk 'C:\images\image1.jpg', SINGLE_BLOB) as r

Also see these answers

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