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I have a tiles definition like

<definition name="tasks" template="/jsp/layout/layout.jsp">
    <put-attribute name="header" value="/jsp/layout/header.jsp"/>
    <put-attribute name="nav" value="/jsp/layout/navigation.jsp"/>
    <put-attribute name="menu" value="/jsp/task/menu.jsp#ShowUser" />

I want to add a anchor in the value for an attribute and this anchor needs to be set based on the attribute set the controller. For eg

<put-attribute name="menu" value="/jsp/task/menu.jsp#ShowUser" />

However this does not seem to work.

Any idea how this can be done?

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Can you see your question, and how not formatting caused something rather important to not appear? – Dave Newton May 24 '12 at 13:43
For eg what ? Plz complete your question – mprabhat May 24 '12 at 17:09

One approach to this (there may be another way?) would be to combine the use of OGNL in your action result location and a wild card in your Tile definition.

Suppose I have this action:

public class DynamicTileAction {

   MyModel model

   public String execute() { 
      return "success"; 

   public MyModel getModel() { 
      return this.model; 

   //other code...


And this result definition:

<result name="success" type="tiles">dynamic.tile.${model.someField}</result>

Then in the tiles.xml I can do this:

<definition name="dynamic.tile.*">
    <put-attribute name="dynamicField" value="{1}" />

or, you can use it to dynamically include a JSP:

<definition name="dynamic.tile.*">
    <put-attribute name="content" value="/WEB-INF/content/dynamic/{1}.jsp" />

Then, each place that you see {1} above will equal the value of getModel().getSomeField().

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I want to add a anchor in the tiles definition to redirect the control to a tab in my jsp file. Any idea how this can be done, the tiles does not seem to accept # in the attribute value.<put-attribute name="menu" value="/jsp/task/menu.jsp#ShowUser" /> – coder May 25 '12 at 3:47

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