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I am using Struts 1.x for an application.

I want to know when the ActionForm instantiated.

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The ActionServlet actually delegates the request processing job to it's RequestProcessor.

When a request arrives, either the doGet or the doPost method of the action servlet is invoked. Any of these method will call the action servlet's process method which inturn calls the request processor's process method. And that's where everything happen, roughly as follows -

  1. Find the ActionMapping for current request.
  2. Get (may be also create) the ActionForm instance.
  3. Populate the form.
  4. Validate the form.
  5. Get (create) the Action instance.
  6. Execute the action.
  7. And finally either forward or redirect.

If you want (or need) to know in detail then you can always take a look at the source code. Followings are the links to the source codes for Struts 1.3.10 (you can also find sources for other versions of struts if that's not your version) -

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